December 8

Family Advent

December 8

Read: Luke 2:1-5

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Mary was very pregnant when she and Joseph found out they had to travel to Bethlehem. What is the longest and hardest trip you have ever had to make? 

Going to Bethlehem was part of God's bigger plan. One of the promises in the Old Testament was that the Messiah, Jesus, would be born there. (Read Micah 5:2) We can also always trust that God has a plan for us. Whether it is a long car ride that we don't want to go on or trips that don't go as we plan, God is always in control. He always has a great plan. We can look for ways to enjoy the journey and trust Him.

Do: Do you know someone who will be traveling over Christmas break? Make a plan for making a fun bag for them with treats and encouragement. 

Pray:  Look at a map together. Find the cities where family members or friends live. After finding the city, pray for the people you know who live there to truly celebrate Jesus this Christmas.