December 6

Family Advent

December 6

Read: Luke 1:46-55

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Have you ever been so excited about something you just couldn't hold in your excitement? What was it that made you so very excited? 

Watch the video of this girl who couldn't hold in her excitement for worship.


When Mary went to visit her relative, Elizabeth, she also couldn't keep her joy inside. She burst out into a song of praise to God.

Look at the verses again and see if you can find at least three things that Mary is praising God for. 

Sometimes nativity sets show Mary and Joseph and others kneeling beside the manger. The nativity can remind us that our excitement over what Jesus does for us can bubble over into worship! 

Do: Create a family praise song. Find one piece of paper and a pen or pencil. One person will start and write down a first line of a song praising God. Pass the paper to the next person who will create the next line. Continue until every family member has had at least two turns. Read your song aloud. Add music if you can!

Pray: In verse 49, Mary said, "The Mighty One has done great things for me." Do a popcorn prayer. Have someone say, "You have done great things for us, thank you for..." and then family members can speak up and thank God for great things He has done. After everyone has had several turns, finish the prayer and finish your time by singing one of your family's favorite worship songs together.