December 5

Family Advent

December 5

Read: Luke 1:26-38

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God is finally sending His promised rescuer, the Messiah, but in a way that no one is really expecting. In fact, His plan seems impossible. He's going to send His Son as a baby to girl who isn't married. Impossible, right? The angel reminds Mary that "nothing is impossible with God."

What else can God do that is impossible for anyone else? 

When we look at Mary in our nativity scene, she can remind us of a couple of things. First, God can do anything! Second, she was ready to trust God even though it didn't all make total sense to her. 


Can you make a piece of paper be taller than you?  Impossible right?

Take a piece of paper and scissors. Start cutting in a spiral, round and round and round, as tight as you can. When you have reached the end, open up the spiral. If the paper isn’t bigger than you, it should be a lot closer.

Pray: Let each person take a turn praying. Pray for the person next to you that he or she will trust God to do  impossible things and to obey Him.