December 4

Family Advent

December 4

Read: Isaiah 7:14

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Yesterday we talked about how Adam and Eve sinned. Sin broke God's perfect world. The Bible tells us about lots of bad things that happened after that day. People fighting and hurting each other. God even flooded the earth because the sin had gotten so bad. God's people struggled and struggled. 

But God had a rescue plan. Years and years and years before Jesus was born, God began telling His people that He was going to send someone to rescue them from their sin. They called this person the Messiah. A Messiah is a rescuer or savior. 

In the verse we read today, God said that the Messiah would be called "Immanuel". That means "God with us." That was Jesus!

Christmas isn't just a sweet story and candy canes. It is a reminder of the aweseomeness of God rescuing us from our sin. And He did that by coming to be with us. He sent Jesus to the earth. 

Do: Play flashlight hide and seek. Turn off all the lights but give one person the flashlight. Have everyone else hide. The seeker uses the flashlight to shine on people who are hidden. Talk about how this is similar to how Jesus came as a light to the darkness to find and rescue us.


Listen to this Christmas song together. It tells the story of God's people waiting for the Messiah. As you listen, consider turning out the lights and lighting one candle. Pray silently and thank Jesus for coming.