December 23

Family Advent

December 23

Read: Philippians 2:3-4

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Jesus came and gave Himself for us. We should, especially at Christmastime, look for ways to sacrifice for others too. Watch this video to see tough choices some kids made. 

Jesus set the model of putting others first. Instead of thinking so much about what you're getting, how can you spend the next couple of days giving to others? Look for simple ways of putting others before yourself. Maybe it is letting a sibling get the last cookie or not fighting with mom when she asks you to do something. Maybe it is doing a chore without being asked or cleaning your room as a surprise. Maybe it is sitting down with a grandparent and spending extra time instead of texting a friend. How can you go into Christmas thinking of others instead of yourself? 

Do: Figure out one secret random act of kindess you can do for someone in your house AND outside of your house. See if you can do it before Christmas. Here is a list of suggestions!

Pray: Pray for the person on your right. Thank God for at least five things you love about them.