December 18

Family Advent

December 18

Read: John 18:1-11

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Has it ever felt like life changed on you really fast? One day everything is normal and the next everything seems terrible? Talk about a time that happened. 

In today's story, life definitely changed for Jesus. Some people became angry with Jesus. They were jealous of His followers. They didn't believe He was the Son of God. They wanted to get rid of Him. They thought they had found a way. 

Jesus died on the cross! This was not what anyone was planning. This was a terrible, terrible day.

But it was also a good day for all people. See, God always has a plan. He was using these terrible moments to rescue the world from sin. Jesus's friends didn't know what was happening. All they knew was that their best friend had been arrested and killed. 

Romans 8:28 reminds us, "We know all things work together for the good of those who love God." Even when bad times come, we can trust that God has a bigger plan and He is using those bad things for ultimate good. That was certainly the case when Jesus died. No one knew it, but the very best thing ever was about to happen. 

Do: For some people, the holidays are a really hard time. Maybe they are going through unexpected tough times. Maybe they have gone through something before and Christmas time makes them sad. Do you know anyone like that? Make a card to send to someone who might be having a sad time right now. You could also make cards and take them to a local nursing home where residents might feel lonely this time of year.

Pray: Grab a die or use an online die. Take turns rolling it. Pray for the people that correspond with the number. 

1 - Pray for soldiers who are away from their families right now. 

2 - Pray for people who have lost loved ones this year. 

3 - Pray for children in foster care who are missing their families. 

4 - Pray for kids who have moved to new towns and miss their friends. 

5 - Pray for people who are in the hospital. 

6 - Pray for the homeless.