December 16

Family Advent

December 16

Read: Matthew 2:1-8

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So far everyone we have talked about has been excited about the news of Jesus. Herod was not. See, Herod was in charge. He didn't like hearing about a baby who was supposed to grow up to be the King of the Jews. He didn't like it at all. Do you think he really wanted the Wise Men to tell him where Jesus was so that he could worship Jesus? No! He wanted to hurt him.

Sometimes when people don't really understand who Jesus is, they want to stop anybody from believing in Him. Did you know that there are still people all over the world who don't like Jesus? There are many countries where people who believe in Jesus are in danger. There are countries where it is illegal to go to church or have a Bible.

During this Christmas season, let's remember that there are believers in other parts of the world who can't go to fancy Christmas services. They can't even say "Merry Christmas" to others or talk about Jesus at all.

Do: Go to this site and look at some of the countries where people are treated badly for believing in Jesus. Are there countries that you have heard of? Can you find any of them on a map? If you have time, pick one country to do more research about as a family during Christmas break.

Pray: Choose a story from this site. Read it together and pray for the believers in that country.