December 15

Family Advent

December 15

Read: Luke 2:36-38

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Anna was another person who had been waiting a really long time for Jesus. Our verses tell us that she thanked God when she met the family. Then she went and told other people who had been looking forward to the redemption of Israel or for Israel to be set free. Remember all of those people who had been waiting for a Rescuer? Anna started telling them that He was here. 

What does redemption mean anyway? What was Jesus going to do to help these people? Watch this video to get a better idea of what it means to be "redeemed".

Alot of people thought the rescuer would just come and help their country. They thought He would be a king or a soldier or some kind of warrior to destroy their enemies. But Jesus did more than that. He came to take our broken parts and make them new. He redeems us by taking our bad and giving us His good. 

Anna went and told people that the rescuer had come. There are people in your world who also need to know about Him. During this Christmas season, who can you tell about the good news of Jesus? 

Do: Make a junk sculpture. Find paper towel rolls, egg cartons, scraps of paper, etc... (whatever you have available). "Redeem" the junk by making a really cool sculpture out of it by gluing or taping the pieces. Be creative. Remember that God takes all of our "junk" and redeems it to make us beautiful in His sight. That's why Jesus came!

Pray: Think of someone you know who doesn't know Jesus. Pray that God would give you a chance to share the good news of His redemption with them.