December 14

Family Advent

December 14

Read: Luke 2:25-35

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What is something you felt like you had to wait forever for? A birthday? A special trip? Maybe Christmas? Today's story tells us about someone who has been waiting his whole life to see God's promise fulfilled.


Simeon is another great example of someone who believed God's promise. It took a really long time for Him to see it, but God kept His promise!

Sometimes we don't understand why God doesn't do things our way. Sometimes we pray for something and it doesn't happen like we want it to right away. I'm sure Simeon had no idea that he would be waiting his whole entire life to see God's promise come through. But He chose to believe and trust in God. 

What is happening in your family right now that you're having to wait on God? How can you help each other trust Him and His perfect timing? 

Do: Create a Christmas mosaic at this site. (Disclaimer: there is an ad before the game). Creating this mosaic takes alot of patience. You also have to pay close attention to the example. In our lives, let us be patient and pay close attention to God as we wait on Him to create a beautiful picture in our lives and keep His promises.

Pray: Brainstorm ten promises that you know God makes in His Word. Google them if you need to. Take turns praying and thanking God for these ten promises.