December 10

Family Advent

December 10

Read: Luke 2:8-12

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Who were the very next people that God told about Jesus? How did He tell them? How would you feel if you were one of those shepherds? 

Let's learn a little more about shepherds and even see a field like they would have been in. 

What did you hear in the video? Were shepherds the most popular people in the town? No, they were the people most people didn't want to be around. The angels said they were bringing "good news of great joy that will be for all the people."

See, Jesus didn't just come for the popular people. He didn't come to earth only for the kings and movie stars. He came for them, but for every single other person too. He doesn't only love the kids who are good all of the time or who make A's on their math test. Jesus loves everyone and His message of forgiveness for our sins is for everyone who believes in Him. 

The very first people to hear the good news about Jesus were stinky shepherds in the field. If you ever have a day that you feel not good enough or wonder if God can really love you too, remember the answer is absolutely yes! 

Do: Hide ten cotton balls around the room. See how long it takes your family to find the cotton ball "sheep". Take turns hiding them. Talk about how they had to find every single cotton ball "sheep" to win. Talk about how Jesus came to rescue every single one of them from our sin. 

Pray:  Look in a mirror. Praise God that He loves you becasue He created you. He loves you and sent Jesus for you. Thank God for loving every single one of us.