December 1

Family Advent

December 1

Read: Isaiah 9:6

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What was your best day ever? Share about what happened to make it such an amazing day. 

Christmas season points towards one day, December 25. On December 25 we celebrate the day that happened long ago that completely changed our world and can still completely change our lives. Jesus was born. 

Today's verse was a hint from the Old Testament about what a big deal it would be for Jesus to come. He wasn't coming just to be a baby in a manger, but to be "Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, and Prince of Peace." That is what Christmas is about. 

During the Christmas season, your family may set out a nativity scene. These sets usually show Jesus in a manger with Mary, Joseph, and others around. Sometimes there are animals. Watch this short video and pick out your favorite nativity scene. 


The nativity is more than just some figures we set up to decorate. It is a reminder of what happened on that best day ever. It is a reminder of the very true story of how Jesus came to earth to evenutally change the earth. It is a reminder of how and why we needed Jesus in the first place. 

Between now and Christmas, you can use these devotionals to help you and your family focus on the true story of the nativity. 

Do: Has your family set up your nativity yet? This would be a great thing to go ahead and do together. Don't have one? No problem. Set up a virtual one here or make a plan to create your own.

Pray: Pray for God to help your family focus on the truth of the nativity story this Christmas season.